When joining the club in 2011, nobody would have thought just how incredible Jordan Henderson has been for the club.

The now 30-year-old is currently the clubs longest serving player and has been through the motions with the Reds.

After Steven Gerrard announced he would leave the club in 2015 it came as a surprise to see Henderson named captain.

However, the job that the Englishman has done since has been absolutely phenomenal.

The legacy that Gerrard created at the club left some big shoes to fill.

It is evident that Henderson is nowhere near the ability of a prime Gerrard, but his impact at the club over the last six years has beens second to none.

In fact, a recent tweet from Anfield Watch paid tribute to the captain for how incredible he has been…

As they state, and incredible player and an even better human being.

For us, this sentiment cannot be any more accurate.

The impact that Henderson has had in a footballing sense is impressive enough, with him leading us to Champions League and Premier League victory.

However, his best attribute is his humility – showing himself as a leader on and off the pitch.

Yesterday saw the Englishman take charge in the fight against the European Super League.

The midfielder reportedly arranged an emergency meeting with other Premier League captains, as well as organising a response from the Liverpool squad.

It may have been a real mountain to climb to fill the shoes on Gerrard, but no one could have done a better job than Henderson.

From his humble beginnings with Sunderland to Champions League and Premier League glory.

Henderson will no doubt go down as a Liverpool legend.